Download Psiphon 3 latest Version For PC & Windows 7/8/10

Psiphon for PC : Psiphon 3 is a type of VPN tool. It is protecting your secure communication and IP address. It operates the system to change the securely bypass and also help to user to content filtering the government rule.

At first, the developer makes apps only Android platform. After the app uses it changes the Internet limit. So a lot of people searching for a way to how to use Pc.

Due to its popularity and must user use ahead going to make for Pc. Now it is available for Android and Pc. For Android platform, it called android VPN and the window platform it called Pc VPN.

So guys, this post is both android and pc user . we gave the Download link Of in the middle section of the post

psiphon for pc and windows

Previously there was no window app available, but at this time I provided the latest version of the apps and download link for PC. Also, I have provided the step to step guide to download and install these, read the full post.

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What is It Psiphon ?

It is always necessary to know all the information before installing an app or trying something new.

So to download the app you should know all things. You should clear the doubt to create in your mind that what is Psiphon?

Actually, it is a free Internet tool which is for secure communication. It is dedicated to being a safe and secure communication. It is a VPN tool.

When we are using our Internet officially we are tracked with our IP address. But sometimes we don’t want to give a chance to track address. So, in that case, you can use this app.

This app will give you the best service to hide your IP address and VPN. If we will give a definition of this then it is a geographically diverse network.

You can operate or download the app in Windows, Android and ios. To gain more information about something new we can change our country address in this app. It is a bypass method.

You can easily keep your address back and can achieve your goals. Due to this feature, it is becoming famous for its users. It is user-friendly and highly rated app.

It is free to use. You don’t need to pay a single amount of cost for it. Don’t think more just download the app and enjoy the app.

History Of Psiphon

If you are going to install then you should know the history of it. When it invented and where is first used, what was users reactions etc.

So wait, I want to inform you a history of this app which will be helpful to you and it will give you the interest to use the app.

download psiphon for windows

The idea for this app was first developed by the citizen lab in 2007. In the University of Toronto, it was first was developed with the partnership of Munk schools of the global affairs university of Toronto.

They research and projected through the psi lab. There are 3 versions of it. One is V 1.0, V2.0 and the last one is V3.0.

It is made under GNU general public licence. You know you will be happy by knowing it that it was awarded in 2008 In Netexplorateur award.

In 2009 again it gets an award best media award by an index of censorship. Now the app is user-friendly and most used and famous.

Download Psiphon for PC/Windows

You can Directly download the official version from the link mentioned below. Once you complete the download the file, simply install it on your PC. The software size is 5.1  MB. It is a lightweight app.

Psiphon 3 for Pc


Psiphon 3 Android


Psiphon Pro 4,5 for PC


Psiphon Pro 4,5 For android


How to install & Setting on your PC or Laptop?


psiphon 3 installer

Download the app on the above button and run it. When you run it, you see a security warning Pop of window like below image.

Step 2:-

Psiphon 3

After Install the program it automatically starts connecting to your server. While it was connecting this,  a spinning icon displayed on the window. You select one of the following tunnel modes.

You can choose Virtual Private Network Connection (VPN) through the Psiphon.It is protecting your privacy of the Window.

In SSH+ modes, It set automatic window system proxy setting, So the network traffic of the application directly with respect to the tunnel of app. Also, It supports this configuration of all Browsers.

Furthermore, in SSH modes, App offers a new tunnel option, during this tunnelled international traffic.

In “Don’t proxy domestic websites” it subjected to indicated un proxies domains. When you close the program, auto disconnect to the Internet. Also, you click on the icon to toggle the connection.

How to Download and Install on (Android Platform) in PC Laptop

The first time it was only available Only Android Platform. So you install it on your PC help of Android Emulator. There is tons of Android emulator for PC Likes Bluestack, You wave, etc.

psiphon for windows

But a problem is an Android emulator is like a media player software; you cannot manage the whole device server. Only control the Android Emulator. Just download the Apk file and install it. After installing complete enjoy using it on your computer.


Why you prefer it?

The app is brilliant to use and very user-friendly. You know this app will provide you with the best facilities to hide your IP address. Easily you can hide your VPN through the app.

You can search anything on the Internet without any hesitation and problems. This app will help you to be confident and be surfing the Internet. Sometimes you become afraid of while searching for something on the Internet. You think you will catch by your IP address.

So it is the best opportunity to use the app confidently. So don’t think more and just download the app. Prefer it because it is recommended for you. It is awesome and interesting. So many solid reasons are there to prefer the app.


A lot of advantages are there to use the app. You will get full benefits from here. You know it will be more helpful to you.

The main thing is that you can hide your IP address from your mobile. You can change your country code. The important thing is that you can get it totally free.

This is a free app. You can operate it without paying a single money. So you are suggested to install the application. You know there is 3 versions of the app.

What are you thinking about? Don’t think more. The app will be suitable for you. I am sure this will be exactly comfortable for you. If you are interested to download the app then don’t confuse. Just install the app.

  • It is two options offer one is Free and other Premium options, Free for personal use.
  • It open source project.
  • Unlimited personal use
  • No need any registration.
  • Multiple language support.
  •  configurable server location’
  • Protect your privacy and make it More Secure.
  • One of the best VPN App and better than other.
  • In this app, statics receive the whole data history.
  • Free to use, for enabling license directly contact to Author.
  • it is an open source project.

My Opinion

The application is a Virtual Private Network that lets you use the internet without any limit and it helps to secure private connection between the internet server and the user. As a result, the user access country-blocked websites without waste any money.

The original concept for a lightweight Internet proxy and the company based in Toronto. They produced multi-platform software that helps over 3 million people every week.

Some websites show the “blocked this site by Government rule.” So that you can’t visit this site in these cases, it is a help of lifesaver.

It lets you access every website. Another instance you add some extra privacy protection to your internet browsing.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Before downloading an application so many questions come to our mind. So many doubts are in our mind. We get confused that will be it perfect to download the app.

So many questions arise in our mind. We want to know every detail about the app. It is always right to know more things about the app. So for you, I am going to share you frequently asked questions. You can clear you all doubts before getting the app. If you get any doubts then ask us in the comments box. So friends let’s have the question answers.

What is Psiphon?

It is a free geographical diverse network. From here you can simply hide your ip address. This is for easy to use the Internet.

Is it really safe for the user to use?

Yes, of course. The app is fully safe and secure. It will make your work easy. You don’t need to be a worry. Sometimes we fear to install the app. So it is safe

Will it make your net slow down?

No, it doesn’t make your net slow. It works fine. You don’t need to be confused that it will make your net slow.

What is the uses of the app?

The app will be used for hiding your ip address. You can change countries code and can configure Internet. The App Will Be Used For Hiding Your Ip Address. You Can Change Countries Code And Can Configure Internet.

Is it users friendly?

Obviously, the app is user-friendly and it is becoming famous day to day. You will get full benefits from the app.

Is the app free?

Yes, the app is totally free. You don’t need to pay a single money for it. The app is free for you.

Will it make any problems while installing?

The app is really awesome. It will not make any problems for your mobile. You can download it easily.

Can we download it for pc?

Yes, you can download it for pc. We have provided you with the process to download the app for pc.

Note: – I recommended you to know more idea of then visit the official websites.

I hope the post Download Psiphon for Windows 7/8/10/is very easy to understand and useful. I’m sure you have to get correct Information to download Psiphon for PC and finally says to thank you for visiting.

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