How to Get World of Tanks Premium Account For Free

There are lots of gamers in the world and many times a day the game blooms. According to the world of tank websites, many of their users are always online and play this game. However, some World Tank fans never play their premium features. Because they do not have the money, so try to get a World of Tanks Premium Account for free or World Tank bonus codes. But they could not find the correct answer. That’s why we try to solve the problem of tank fan in this post.

World of Tanks is a game developed by the Belarusian Cypriot company. This is a wonderful and exciting online game. By reading, you can imagine how interesting this game is. Wargaming Minsk develops a world of tanks and has been published by Vergoming. For almost all devices, we can play this game.

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In this post, we tell you about the world of tank premium account. The world of tanks is an action and adventure game. Wargaming developed the Xbox 360 version of the world of World Studios Tanks. The PlayStation 4 version released in 2016 is also available.

The tank world is available in almost all devices and the tank for mobile was also available as a world of Blitz. There is also a board game called World of Tank Rush and a stored card game called World Tank Generals.

World of Tanks Premium Account

It’s so enjoyable to let users running this game fight any other online player in the tank war. Many users search the world of tank premium accounts and find many websites and blogs that provide fake information and fake accounts that do not work.

There is no need to find anymore. Here in this post, we are going to share some world of tank premium account. By using these premium accounts, you can buy the tank and play using a powerful tank. This enhances your interest in the game’s game of tanks. You can share these accounts with your family and friends.

How to Get a Premium Account

A uniforming premium account gives you a fast pace in the game Provides 50% more credit and experience per battle. And you get a unique garage! Lets’ started how to make Premium account.

#1st Method

1. First, Login your world of tank first and play games Once in your garage, click on your account type. Now you see premium options.

World of Tanks Premium Account For Free step 1

2.After that sometimes buy a window to choose your gold and complete the purchase.

World of Tanks Premium Account For Free step 2

#2nd Method

1.Directly known the premium shop option and click on “Premium Account”

World of Tanks Premium Account For Free step 3

2.Select the date range and click “Buy”, then select your payment method.

World of Tanks Premium Account For Free step 4

Free World Of tanks Premium Account and Password

[email protected]techweb1##
[email protected]techwebsite23
[email protected]kefrtishu@
[email protected]sime13243
[email protected]bugmenot
[email protected]yahoo123

Guide  to Use Above Premium Account

90% of account is used by user  So many of account is not work. So I request you if any account not works then write username on the comment section.

  1. To login into the world of tank follow the methods given below.
  2. Visit the official website of a world of a tank that is Visit
  3. When the website opens click on the Login right of your screen
  4. Wait for the processing, till the Login page open
  5. Now, here will ask you to enter Email address and password
  6. Enter the email address
  7. Enter the password
  8. Click on the Log in button
  9. Now you have successfully logged in, here choose a world of the tank and enjoy the premium features
  10. If you don’t want to log in again and again then used Remember me before login.

Some Bonus Code and Guide to Use

While visiting tournaments or special events organized by, a world of tank players can get various gifts and memorabilia. This is also the perfect opportunity to score a bonus code! So we collect some bonus code and added here.





click on your username in the upper-right of the screen. Click on “Activate Wargaming Code” from the username drop-down menu.

redeem war-gaming code

Final word

At the above, we have mentioned several free worlds of tank premium accounts that you can use to play tank world. All the specified information is correct, and all the given accounts are working. If you have any problems with login, you can ask any of your inquiries in the comment box below. When we are free, we will respond to your comment.

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