How to Fix Freecharge hooked by third party app

Freecharge is India top recharge website. They launched their wallet in September 2015.About 10 million people install the Freecharge apps on Google Play store, Freecharge app very popular REecharge app in India.But In this time their app developer make some changes the security of free charge app.When updating these apps some problem has to face they write down Freecharge hooked by third-party app and close automatically.Now, I share my personal experience when  I  recharge using free charge it shows update your app then I update it. When open it a new window open “app has been hook by third party app , please uninstall hooking app and retry”   then automatic stop the free charge apps.

freecharge hooked by third party app


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Why show Freecharge hooked by third-party app

Some basic rooted device is found this type of issue if you run the x-posed installer, After the update the free charge app then it show.Because the x-posed framework pushes the app_process and x-posed bridge .jar into the system file, that’s the reason hooked by third party app.

How to Fix Freecharge hooked by third party app

For Fix this type of issue I am search but can’t get the correct answer.Finally, I got two solutions to solve this type of issue.One is” disable x-posed installer” and other is install “Freecharge Module”.

#1ST Solution Disable x-posed installer

  • If you install the” x-posed installer “, first open this.
  • See the option like “Framework ” Tap here.freecharge hooked 1
  • Now you see the” Uninstall ” click here and reboot your device.freecharge hooked 3
  • Now, you are able to run the freecharge app without any hooked by third party app.

#2ND Solution Install Freecharge Module

This solution is very safe and easy.This is a help to free charge referral program and earns money unlimited time. Another help is using the promo code option much time without face promo code issue.

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  • Download the x-posted framework installer,
  • Then open this app and grant root permission.
  • After opening the app tap on Framework option  to see the below image.freecharge hooked 1
  • Then tap on “Install/Update” and “reboot” your device.
  • Now, your device is enabled framework.
  • Again download the Freecharge Module .

  • After the download completes Install it and ticks the value of module on x-posed Installer.
  • Now, Reboot your device.
  • If you do all the above process in a correct way then you are able to fix the third party app.

Final word

This mainly shows the rooted device and run the x-posed installer. I solve “How to Fix Freecharge hooked by third-party app”  simple two methods.I hope you must be enjoying it. Again advice for fix this type of issue please check the correct order .if you face any type of problem and issue then comment below.

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