How to Upgrade Grammarly Account

Hello, friends today on this post we are talking about how to Upgrade Grammarly Account ?. Many of you know about Grammarly. A Grammarly is a desktop software which used for checking for any Grammarly mistakes, vocabulary, Conjunction and other grammar mistakes. Grammarly software is one of the best software to learn grammar. Grammarly software also recommended for students and teachers in the teaching. Grammarly first released in 2009 from then it achieves a higher success. Grammarly used by bloggers, teachers, and students all around the world.

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 Grammarly Account Features

You think that what is the need of Grammarly premium account or why we have to use Grammarly premium. Users use Grammarly premium account to increase their Grammar score and make their writing error free.  There are many useful features of Grammarly. Some of the features given below.

  • Grammarly check for any critical grammar and also check the spelling
  • Advance check for punctuation, grammar, context and sentence right structure can also check using Grammarly
  • Grammarly also suggest you for vocabulary enhancement
  • The writing style is also check using Grammarly application.
  • Plagiarism detector is also available on Grammarly application. Using plagiarism Grammarly check your word from millions of web pages and shows if anything is not unique or copy paste. Plagiarism is one of the best detector available on Grammarly.

How to Upgrade To Grammarly Premium Account

You can upgrade your Grammarly free account into Grammarly premium account. To know how to upgrade your Grammarly free account into Grammarly premium account follow the steps given below.

1.Visit the official website of Grammarly which is or click on the given URL.

Visit Grammarly

2.Click on the login button present on the top right side of your screen. On click, login page get open which will ask for your login details.
  • Enter your login email address
  • Enter your login password

upgrade Grammarly account

3.Click on the green login button given below. On clicking your login dashboard open. 4.On login dashboard, it will ask you to upgrade your Grammarly free account into Grammarly premium account.

upgrade grammarly account

5.Now click on the premium given on the left panel on the page. on clicking a new page open.

upgrade Grammarly

6.On this page, you have to choose your plan to upgrade your account to Grammarly premium account.

upgrade grammarly step 5

7.Click on the plan that you want for your Grammarly premium account

upgrade grammarly step 6

8.On click, a new panel generate where you have to make a payment. 10. Enter your card details and click on check out button to make the payment

Once you make the payment, you have successfully upgrade your Grammarly free account into Grammarly premium account. Now you can enjoy all the service of the Grammarly account on your desktop app or online. We strongly recommend you to go for Grammarly premium account because on Grammarly premium account many m=extra features are present.

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Grammarly Premium Features

  • It checks your writing across the many pages available on the internet
  • You can create your editor
  • On multiple devices, you can access your documents
  • It can integrate with Microsoft Office on your system
  • Can use on the desktop (windows or macOS)
  • On double click on any word, it shows definition and synonyms
  • Easily it detects any mistake, error or spelling.
  • You can add your words on the personal directory
  • You can see grammar rules and their explanations
  • You can also get performance stats on your mail.


Grammarly is a fantastic software use by the student’s teachers and even by bloggers. On Grammarly app, we can quickly detect any mistake in writing. Grammarly app is available for desktop windows or macOS. On Grammarly free account we not get all features. We strongly recommend you to use Grammarly premium account. On this post, we have mentioned steps by which you can upgrade your Grammarly account to a Grammarly premium account. If you have any question, You can raise your question in the comment box given below. We will reply to your comment when we are free.

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  1. I have pulled up my Grammarly on my Mac and am trying to get the premium to load. How long does this take? Also, I had an older version that was free with the grammar check, punctuation and plagiarism functions. What happened to that>


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