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How to Activate Apple iPhone X

you are iPhone beginners, you don't know much about Apple Device. you bought the new iPhone X after reading the review but don’t know...
Close apps on iphone X

How to Close Apps on iPhone X?

According to apple corp, it is never necessary to force close an app on your iPhone X. many users like the multitasking view. We...

How to Force the iPhone X to Reboot

For some reason, it forced you to reboot the iPhone X. So what steps can you take to reboot your iPhone X quickly? Did...
switch off your iphone x

How to Turn Off iPhone X Device?

You have purchased a new iPhone X and want to know how to shut down the iPhone X, so your search is over. I am sure you will get the right information about this here.
Take screenshot on iphone x

How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone X Device?

Although it was very difficult to know how to capture a screenshot on the iPhone X without touching the Home button. We will tell you the simple way; Which you have come to find in this post.
Create Viber Group Link

How To Create Viber Group Invite Link Android & PC

You come to this post means you want to know how to create Viber Group android, ios, and desktop. So ok, Your wish will be fulfilled here