iPhone X Review 2020 and Some Camera Picture

iPhone X was also known as iPhone 10 is a latest launched smartphone by Apple. iPhone X has significant changes and redesign which done by Apple after four years. Today on this post we tell you about Our hands-on review of the design and specification of the iPhone X.

I have already buy This product through Flipkart. So, in this post, we share our personal experience and review of iPhone x. let’s see below.


Apple introduces iPhone X in 2 memory variant 64 GB, and 256 GB of storage is available. iPhone X officially released on November 3 all around the world. Apple gives 3GB of RAM for iPhone X which is quite good for OS. Apple introduces iPhone X in 2 colours space grey and silver. You can use cases for different colours.

iPhone x 64 GB Black Inr.88,999
iPhone x 64 Gb Silver Inr.83,999
iPhone x 256Gb Space grey Inr.95,000
iPhone x 256Gb Silver Inr.1,05,000


If we come to the design iPhone X has a premium design which gives a perfect balance on hand. iPhone x is taller than iPhone 8 but much narrow. It feels good and premium when taken in hand. We have a silver iPhone X. sides of an iPhone is of clean stainless steel just like the Apple watch. Front and back portion of iPhone X made of glass. It was so clear when we take hand we can see our fingerprints on it. iPhone X was water and dust resistant.

Iphone x review


iPhone X weights 174g dimensions of 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm with a screen resolution of 5.8 inch 1125×2436. The dual camera introduced in iPhone X in the backside. If we focus on the premium device than iPhone X is fit and best for us.

Height 143.6 mm
width 70.9 mm
Depth 7.7 mm
Depth 174 g


When we see the screen, it was an amazingly bright screen that we see on any iPhone. iPhone screen is excellent, but the iPhone X screen was impressive. iPhone has a 5.8 inches OLED display which gives a sharpness display quality. We can assume colour reproduction in the display. We watch a movie on an iPhone X, and that was a pretty good experience. The picture, brightness and many factors are balanced, and we can see something new technic here.

We browse some images we look at the sharpness, and the edges of the picture are amazing because of the OLED display. We find how much apple is improving their technology. Not only the screen Apple also introduce more sharp sound on iPhone X. When we see a movie we found apple X speakers are quite good we can listen to sound sharpness.

The screen of iPhone X was not sharpest like other best screen smartphones. But, it was soo clear with many amazing colours available on the screen. Apple surely improves their screen more in the near future, but still, it was best.

Now we come to the visual appeal of the iPhone X its impressive and many new smartphones are copying the style even newly introduce one plus 6 also copy the visual appearance of iPhone X. The screen of iPhone X long compared to other Apple, but it was thin which gives it a born new look. There is less space for the keyboard, but still, we can type fast. The screen has a high accuracy which we find in typing.

The more extended screen is not an issue it was good, and we have seen 18:9 format o screen in many smartphones. Each day we install and update more and more apps and we self-design its appearance. It is the best smartphone for visual and premium appearance.


The camera is one of the important things which we find on our smartphone. Apple cameras are best, and when we test the camera of iPhone X it was awesome. Apple has a dual camera on the back of 12 MP, and 12 MP. Apple introduce its Portrait mode in iPhone X. apple camera have a wide angle of f/1.8 aperture and telephoto of f/2.4 aperture. It was the best camera that we see, and the best part is iPhone X camera also support panorama up to 63 MP.

When we click some images, we watch camera has a powerful dual optical image stabilization and fast focus. When we shoot a photo, it takes a clear picture with autofocus. There is also tap to focus but the focus introduce in iPhone X was perfect thanks to the best Noise reduction of iPhone X.

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We take a video recording on iPhone X. iPhone commit to giving a 4k video recording at 24 fps, 30fps and 60 fps. At 4k Apple give the best quality of video even in low light we can see best quality with the best autofocus of iPhone X. Front camera of iPhone X was of 7 MP which is excellent to take selfy.

Some image From My iPhone X Camera 

iphone x camera check

Iphone x camera quality ceheck


Face id feature take of the iPhone X is the best feature. It was fast and accurate. It enables by the TrueDepth camera for facial recognization. When we use it, it was the perfect one.

Apple iPhone X is the best smartphone. Price is set $999 with is expensive. But if you are finding any premium smartphone than iPhone X is the best premium smartphone ever. iPhone has fast charging when we charge from 20% to 100% it takes about 50 minutes. iPhone X has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery which has wireless charging which can be charged using any USB port.


FACE ID, BAROMETER, Three Axis Gyro, Accelerometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and all of them are best and accurate.



Apple introduces iPhone X on 3 November 2017 which is also known as iPhone 10. iPhone X has iOS 11 operating system on it and has 3 GB of RAM which is quite good for iPhone X. we review a silver Apple iPhone X and all the information provided on this iPhone X review post reviewed. You can raise your question in the comment box given below. We will reply to your comment when we are free.

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